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Mariah’s performance created an air of pure serenity and romance at Germano’s. She transported her audience back in time to simpler days of music that warms the soul. Mariah channelled Audrey Hepburn in her chilling rendition of Moon River which left tears in the eyes of couples old and young.
— Kate L., Baltimore 2019
I had never seen a cabaret performance and went in expecting a background singer to be humming quietly in the corner, but Mariah’s performance stole our attention and our hearts. She had a commanding presence that captivated her audience and kept them fixated by her song choices and intermediate moments of theatrics and wit.
— Daniel L., Baltimore 2019
mariah’s performances are electric! it’s not every day this level of talent comes through baltimore. She moves her audience in ways that keep it wanting to experience more and more.
— jennifer d., baltimore 2019
No need to go to New York for an evening of sophisticated Cabaret. Ever since Maria Bonner returned to Baltimore she has brought excitement and entertainment to several local venues with her witty and smooth repertoire. The great American songbook is her base. From there you never know where she will take you. Be assured...it will be a very pleasant ride!
— Beth K., Baltimore 2019

It was my privilege to hear Mariah Bonner sing. She connected with the room instantly, and held our attention all evening as she performed American standards (and French as well) with charm, wit, and exuberance. Mariah brought a little bit of New York and Paris to Charm City!
— Chris P., Baltimore 2019